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About Page

After I received my first organic spray tan using Sunless Source solution, I was hooked. I have always loved getting spray tans but didn't like how  they were orange, smelly, and when they faded, they were blotchy.  This solution does none of those and it is amazing. I knew I wanted to make people feel the way I did!  I love giving people the look and feel that they want at a reasonable price. There are plenty of spray tan machines out there but none of them can get the preciseness that a person has.  Vericose veins, sunspots, scars, acne, bruises, psoriasis, dry skin, etc. An organic spray tan can do wonders for any type of skin condition, not to mention the most important one, looking fabulous without the risk of getting skin cancer!

Page is a mother of a five-year-old boy and two dachshunds. She loves kids and has nannyed for over 15 years. Her interests include Netflix, a nice glass of wine, and spray tanning!